Clients typically ask us to run assessments for two purposes:

  1. Senior-level appointments to roles with greatest impact upon the organisation
  2. Development of managers and leaders, or High Potential talent.

Being independent, BN1 can apply a wider range of assessments which means, we can apply the right tool for the job.

Senior Level Appointments

Accounting for your organisation’s culture and strategic direction, we will understand the qualities and characteristics required of your senior role-holders today and in future.

We will then combine online psychometrics with a deep “behavioural-event interview” to generate evidence of candidates’ social motives, non-conscious traits, and competencies. This approach is behind the hiring decisions at many of the world’s most influential organisations and will help you to select the right candidates for your most critical positions.

Talent / Leadership Development

Your people are not uniform. They each bring characteristics, preferences, and values which fuel their success or may limit their potential. By selecting and applying the right assessment tool we can help you to make the most of their abilities, and help them to meet their goals; whether that’s managing disruption, adapting to new ways of working, or generating greater results from their teams.

Our leadership programmes make use of assessment tools, which can inform workshop or programme content, or be used in a coaching relationship for continuous improvement.

Related services we can provide in this area include designing and running assessment centres, and designing competency frameworks.