Client Projects

BN1 has built a loyal client base across private and public sectors, and provide a selection of recent project summaries below. Of course we’d be delighted to discuss these projects in more detail with you:

Leadership Development – A London university with around 2,000 employees embarked on a leadership programme for a team of senior leaders who needed to work together in a different way. We co-created the programme alongside participants, using a mixture of diagnostics, assessment and development tools. This approach, combined with co-coaching, increased ‘ownership’ of the content and supported the mix of senior academics and operational leaders to develop greater self-awareness and work together more effectively as a bonded team.

Talent Development – We supported the development of alternative routes into traditional roles, creating greater diversity in the workforce for a non-ministerial government department, employing around 900 people. They chose BN1 to design and deliver a national development programme, aiming to increase the size and quality of talent available by developing three cohorts with very diverse backgrounds and careers, over a three year period. Programme content focused on the behaviours (the how) as well as the technical skills (the what) required to be successful in a changing service, now and in the future.

Assessment – A large air transportation company sought to bolster its succession pipeline for future executive leaders. BN1 supported the delivery of residential assessment centres, using a range of exercises, psychometrics and development activities to assess for potential against a competency model. We then created tailored reports for participants outlining key strengths, development areas and recommendations for growth. This supported the top team to identify their future executive leaders and participants to have a more focused and self-directed approach to their own development.

Coaching – a global financial services organisation employing over 50,000 people worked with BN1 to provide feedback and ongoing 1-1 coaching for performance improvement, using psychometric data about behavioural traits. The coaching explored the strengths, blockers, and underlying values and beliefs for each individual as a platform for long-term growth. This helped them to be more consciously aware of their own assumptions and actions, and increase their self-efficacy.

Group Process Facilitation – The senior leadership team of a central government department needed support facilitating their bi-annual awayday meeting. They wanted to ensure they ended the day with tangible, relevant objectives for the next six months and also focus on improving the group dynamics. Prior to that meeting we helped the senior leaders create clarity, designing an agenda and activities that would lead to their required outcomes. During the day our facilitation kept them on track and we acted as a critical friend to test their assumptions about the SWOT outputs. We spend some time using group coaching to support the team to consider not just what needed to be delivered, but how they could work most effectively together to deliver their objectives.

BN1 is part of a network of a large network of consultants and, as such, we also deliver a lot of assessment and development work as an associate for other organisations such as Korn Ferry, FMLM and the Wolfe Partnership.