The pandemic has affected our service in two ways.

Firstly, of course, social distancing means we’re set up to deliver via online platforms. Working with individuals or a group located together is always ideal, but we can use Zoom or Skype to continue providing development and feedback sessions.

Secondly, in the next few months many organisations will need to adapt to new working methods which demand new ways of leading and managing. While change can lead in two directions – decline or improvement – it happens successfully when leaders are well equipped. Your colleagues in senior positions may need support adapting; it’s as much an issue of wellbeing as it is of performance. Importantly, also, organisations may need to revise their models or risk assessing future leaders for competencies and traits that no longer apply.

BN1 Consulting has devised a couple of services that can make the difference. They can be tailored to your circumstances and needs:

  • Readiness for Change – analysis of leaders’ and managers’ traits and behaviours to create a map of your change champions/advocates, as well as those who’ll need more support or may actively resist. Ideally run 3+ months before any change programme (or bi-annually to generate an agile organisation) this will allow time to change beliefs, develop skills, and build contingency into your plans before you start trying to engineer a change programme.
  • Leading in uncertainty – recognising 2020/21 are going to be extremely challenging for many, we can provide a short, tailored programme for leaders and team managers to increase clarity, raise productivity, and accelerate performance during periods of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA).

So while Covid-19 throws a lot of disruption at your HR team, your organisation, and your competitors, let’s discuss how you can best equip your leaders, managers, and teams to adapt and thrive.